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Hardware Overview

All Foenix systems include a WDC 65C816 CPU @ 14.318Mhz and the following base features:

Graphics Layers Sound Ports
320x240x60fps 16x16 mouse pointer 2x Gideon FPGASID SD Card slot
400x300x60fps 8x8 character plane 16-bit stereo CODEC 2x PS/2 (kbd/mouse)
640x480x60fps 64 16x16x256 sprites TI SN76489 (Sega, Cabinets) Stereo 1/8" headphone
800x600x60fps 4x 16x16x256 tile planes Yamaha OPL3 (Sound Blaster) Stereo RCA Line In/Out
24-bit RGB color space 2x 256-color bitmap planes 3KHz piezo beeper 2.5" internal IDE HDD

Different models within the Foenix range have additional features:

Model CPUs System RAM Video HDMI Ethernet SID sockets RS232 ATARI S/NES C64 OPM OPN MIDI Floppy Parallel
U 1 2MB 2MB 1* Optional* Optional* 1 (3-wire) 2 2*
U+ 1 4MB 2MB 1* Optional* Optional* 1 (3-wire) 2 2*
FMX 1 4MB 4MB 1* Optional* Optional* 2 (9-wire)* 2 2* 2 YM2151 YM6212 in+out 3.5" 1.44 25 pin
GEN-X 2* 8MB + 16MB 8MB 2 Included 2 sockets 2 (9-wire) 2 4 2 JT2151SA JT2612SA in+out 3.5" 1.44 not exposed
  • ∗ The GEN-X can have a second CPU: 68000, 68EC030, 486dx2-66, and more to come.
  • ∗ Each additional CPU in the GEN-X has its own private 4MB of SYSTEM RAM and 4MB of flash.
  • ∗ The EXP-C100-ESID expansion card adds 10/100 Ethernet and two SID sockets to a U, U+, or FMX.
  • ∗ The SNES/NES Joystick Adapter Box for the C256 Foenix FMX converts the two ATARI ports to 2x NES or SNES ports.
  • ∗ The SNES/NES Joystick Adapter Box for the C256 Foenix U/U+ converts the two ATARI ports to 4x NES or SNES ports.
  • ∗ The EXP-C200-EVID expansion card adds 10/100 Ethernet and a second DVI port (text-modes only) to a U, U+, or FMX.
  • ∗ The 8MB of system RAM on the GEN-X is local to the 65816; the additional 16MB of DRAM is available to all CPUs.
  • ∗ The 2nd 9-pin RS232 port on the FMX is available on an internal Intel compatible header.

Getting Started

Hardware Setup

Ports and Connectors

Formatting a Hard Drive

Using Foenix BASIC816

Using Forth

FMX Errata

Advanced Programming




C Compilers

Memory Map

Using the Debug Interface

Foenix Kernel Documentation

Technical Documentation

65816 CPU
bq4802ly RTC
GABE System / IO / Timers / Sound Chip Controller / Math Co-Processor
LPC47M10x SuperIO - Analog inputs, MIDI, EPP, PS2, Serial, Floppy (FMX)
SN76489 PSG Audio
YM2151 Yamaha OPM1 - FM Operator Type I (FMX)
YM2612 Yamaha OPN2 - FM Operator Type II (FMX)
YMF262 Yamaha OPL3 - FM Operator Type III
WM8776 24-bit 192kHz Stereo CODEC
VICKY II Graphics Engine
Unity IDE Hard-disk control
Trinity Joystick and DIP switches
LAN9221 10/100 Ethernet

Early Software

You will need to reset (or even power cycle) the Foenix between uploads to clear the memory and restore the default configuration. These are early days!

Program Notes Author Sources
BASIC816 Bundled PJW
matrix.hex Matrix demo Piotr Meyer
Tracker_2.hex Music player Daniel Tremblay
Tracker_3.hex Music player Daniel Tremblay
fraggy.hex Frogger like game Daniel Tremblay
jumpman_sr.hex Splash screen Stefany Allaire Too busy working on the system!
C256 Tetris Full Tetris Game Daniel Tremblay
VGM Player Video Game Music Player Daniel Tremblay