Hardware Setup

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Internal Setup


The Foenix uses an internal CR2 battery to power the Real Time Clock chip. The battery is not presently required.

DIP Switches

The standard kernel interprets the DIP switches as follows:

  • 1 - Boot options
  • 2 - Boot options
  • 3 - User definable
  • 4 - User definable
  • 5 - User definable
  • 6 - off = 640x480; on = 800x600 (not yet implemented)
  • 7 - Gamma correction on/off
  • 8 - IDE Drive installed

Boot options:

2 1 effect
off off Boot to BASIC
off on Boot from SD Card (not yet implemented)
on off Boot from floppy (not yet implemented)
on on Boot from HD (not yet implemented)

Hard Drive Installation

The Foenix FMX supports the installation of an internal hard-drive. You will need the following:


The Foenix may be purchased as a bare board or packaged in a 3D printed enclosure; see: https://c256foenix.com/

Printing your own Enclosure

You may also print your own; the official STL files are here:

In order to complete the enclosure, you will need inserts for plastic, M3/M2. You will need screws, and some Lexan cut out to complete the windows


The standard case uses the following screws: