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The A2560 machines (A2560U, A2560K) are 680x0 based machines. The A2560U uses a 68000 running at 20MHz; the A2560K uses a 68040 running at 40MHz.

The 68k based machines are quite new, so not as much exists for them yet, but the 68k enjoys a huge body of pre-existing software that will easily port to the Foenix!

Standard FLASH

  • The C based "MCP" Kernel
  • A simple DOS-like CLI


  • C: Numerous legacy 68000 compilers are in use by the community
  • C: hth313 has released a modern, Clang-based C compiler for the 68000; see his channel on the Discord for more information.
  • BASIC: a port of MMBASIC is in progress.

Operating Systems

For the more adventurous, several operating systems and desktop environments are in the works:

  • CLI -- A simple DOS-like CLI is included
  • A port of EmuTOS is in progress, see the Discord for daily updates!