The TinyCore MicroKernel

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The TinyCore MicroKernel comes installed by default. It is an advanced kernel with an integrated IP stack.

Flash blocks are available from both the kernel/dos github repo:

Flash blocks tested with the latest SuperBASIC may be found in the source/releases folder of the SuperBASIC project:

When using the MicroKernel, the dip switches act as follows:

* 8 - enable gamma color correction
* 7 - 640x480x60 if on, [email protected] if off.  Not presently implemented.
* 6 - Enable scanning of a CBM keyboard (F256-Jr); Sound expansion installed (F256-K)
* 5 - SIDS are installed
* 4 - SLIP enabled
* 3 - Serial description: If SLIP is enabled, ON implies WIFI mode; if SLIP is disabled, ON implies MIDI mode.
* 2 - Not yet assigned
* 1 - If ON, the kernel will auto-start the first program found in the first 64k 

The kernel presently registers three block devices:

* 0 - internal SD Card
* 1 - IEC device #8
* 2 - IEC device #9
  • These devices may be selected from DOS by typing "0: <enter>", etc.
  • These devices may be selected from SuperBASIC by typing "drive 0 <enter>", etc.
  • DOS and the C libraries will parse an optional drive index out of filenames, eg "0:test.txt".