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Welcome to the Foenix Project! Here you will find a series of brand new computers lovingly made by Stefany Allaire in the style of the early 8, 16 and 32 bit machines of lore! This is your chance to be a participant in the development of a new platform -- to start with a brand new machine akin to a high-end Atari or Amiga, write its very first programs, see what it can do, push its limits, and experience something new! Models are available with a 65C02 CPU, 65816 CPU, a 680x0 series CPU, or both, with more CPU options planned for the future.

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F256JR C256-FMX C256U A2560U A2560K Gen-X
F256 Jr. C256 Foenix FMX (legacy) C256 Foenix U/U+ A2560 Foenix U/U+ A2560K GEN X
Jr RevB Transparent.png C256FoenixFMX RevC4B.2.25.jpg C256FoenixUBare.jpg A2560U Board.jpg A2560K.png Gen X Cube - 50%.png
Released Year: 2022/2023 2019 2021 2021/2022 2021 2022
Active: Yes Discontinued On Hold* On Hold* Yes (back-order) Yes (back-order)
CPU: W65C02 @ 6Mhz W65C816 @ 14Mhz W65C816 @ 14Mhz MC68SEC000 @ 20Mhz MC68040V @ 25Mhz W65C816 @ 14Mhz + 32bits CPU**
Video Memory: Shared 4M SRAM 2M SRAM 2M SRAM 8M SRAM 8M SRAM
Graphic Chipset: TinyVICKY - CFP9599 VICKY II + GABE FATVICKY - CFP95168B FATVICKY - CFP95171-68k VICKY III - CFP95179K VICKY III - CFP95179X
Internal Audio: 2x PSG (Sn76489) TBD 1x Gideon SID 1x Gideon SID 2x GideonSID / 1x OPM / 1x OPN2 / 2x PSG 1x OPM / 1x OPN2 / 2x PSG
External Audio: 2x SID^^ 1x OPL3/1x OPM /1x OPN2/ 1x OPL3 1x OPL3 1x OPL3 2x SID^^/1x OPM /1x OPN2/1x PSG/1x OPL3 2x SID^^/1x OPM/1x OPN2/1x PSG/1x OPL3
CODEC : TBD 1x 48KHz 1x 48KHz 1x 48KHz 1x 48KHz/1x 44.1KHz 1x 48KHz/1x 44.1KHz
Audio I/O: HP Jack/Line-Out HP Jack/Line-In/Out HP Jack/Line-Out HP Jack/Line-Out HP Jack/Line-In/Out HP Jack/Line-In/Out
COM IO: Simple Serial/WIFI*** 2x Serial/ 1x Parallel 1x Simple Serial 1x Simple Serial 2x Serial/1x Parallel/Eth 2x Serial/1x Parallel/Eth
Joystick Posts: 2x ATARI + NES/SNES Port****^ 4x ATARI / 2x NES/SNES^ 2x ATARI And/Or NES/SNES^ 2x ATARI And/Or NES/SNES^ 2x ATARI And/Or NES/SNES^ 4x ATARI & 4x NES & 4x SNES
PCB Form Factor: 6.7" x 6.7" Mini-ITX 10" x 6.2" 7.13" x 4.4" 7.13" x 4.4" 12" x 5.5" 9" x 9"
Power Supply: ATX PS Plug +12V 2.5mm Barrel +12V 2.5mm Barrel +12V 2.5mm Barrel 4pins +5V/+12V ATX PS Plug
Tech Manual: JR TM Preliminary NONE TBP Later A2560U UM Preliminary A2560K UM Preliminary Coming Soon
User Manual: F256 JR UM (WIP) NONE

(*): Due to FPGA's availability and abusive cost, those models are presently on hold.

(**): The concept behind the GenX is its ability to support different processors through a modular system.

(***): The WIFI communication is achieved through a ESP32/WIFI (Feather) Type board and it is optional.

(****): The RevA of the board doesn't have an extra 9Pins connector to interface with NES/SNES Adapter.

(^): An external NES/SNES interface box is needed, so this is extra.

(^^): The External SIDs are Sockets only, they must be populated by the owner.

OPM = YM2151, OPN2 = YM2612, PSG = SN76489

Emulators / Toolchain


W65C02 (F256 Jr) [1] Daniel's Foenix IDE [2] Paul's F256JR Emulator [3] Scott's F256JR (WIP) Emulator
W65C816 (C256U/FMX/GEN X) [4] Daniel's Foenix IDE [5] Aniou's Morfe for 816
M680xx (A2560U/A2560K/GEN X) [6] Paul's F68 Emulator [7] Aniou's Morfe for 68K [8] Scott's FnxToolKitm68


W65C02 (F256 Jr) [9] Calypsi for the 65C02 CPU [10] 64TASS [11] CC65
W65C816 (C256U/FMX/GEN X) [12] Calypsi for the 65C816 CPU [13] 64TASS Merlin
M680xx (A2560U/A2560K/GEN X) [14] Calypsi for the 68K CPU [15] VBCC VBCC Foenix Target [16]

Get Started

Software Market Place [17] Newsletters Repository [18]

Compare the different models: F256JR, C256-FMX, C256U, A2560U, A2560K, Gen-X

Explore the documentation: C256, A2560, ICs, Gadget's Notes

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Join in the fun!


Is this another FPGA Retro like the MiSTer?

  • No! These machines are the real thing. You'll be running on a real 65816, 68000, 68040, i486dx2, etc. :).

Are these machines compatible with the C64? C128? Amiga? Atari-ST? IBM-PC?

  • No! This is not a MEGA65, a Vampire, or an Ultimate64. We already have those platforms. This is something new and different!

Is there an emulator?

Is the hardware "Open Source"?

  • The schematics are available for download from the Discord. The FPGA code is presently closed-source to keep the platform from becoming fragmented.

Are there any programming tutorials for the Foenix?

Happy hacking!