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Welcome to the Foenix Project! Here you will find a series of brand new computers lovingly made by Stefany Allaire in the style of the early 16 and 32 bit machines of lore! This is your chance to be a participant in the development of a new platform -- to start with a brand new machine akin to a high-end Atari or Amiga, write its very first programs, see what it can do, push its limits, and experience something new! Models are available with a 65816 CPU, a 680x0 series CPU, or both, with more CPU options planned for the future.

C256FoenixFMX RevC4B.2.25.jpg C256FoenixUBare.jpg C256FoenixU RevA0B.png A2560K.png A2560X Render.23.png

All Foenix systems include the following base features:

Graphics Layers Sound Ports
320x240x60fps 16x16 mouse pointer 2x Gideon FPGASID SD Card slot
400x300x60fps 8x8 character plane 16-bit stereo CODEC 2x PS/2 (kbd/mouse)
640x480x60fps 64 16x16x256 sprites TI SN76489 (Sega, Cabinets) Stereo 1/8" headphone
800x600x60fps 4x 16x16x256 tile planes Yamaha OPL3 (Sound Blaster) Stereo RCA Line In/Out
24-bit RGB color space 2x 256-color bitmap planes 3KHz piezo beeper 2.5" internal IDE HDD

Additional features vary by class of unit:

65816 680x0
Basic C256U A2560U Basic units with 3-wire serial and an expansion port.
Luxury C256FMX A2560K Expanded units with MIDI, floppy, 9-wire serial, 25-pin parallel, and more!
Explorer Gen-X All of the above plus support for two CPUs!

Get Started

Compare the different models: C256-FMX, C256U, A2560U, A2560K, Gen-X

Explore the documentation: C256, A2560, ICs

Join the Discord,

Order your computer at, and

Join in the fun!


Is this another FPGA Retro like the MiSTer?

  • No! These machines are the real thing. You'll be running on a real 65816, 68000, 68040, i486dx2, etc. :).

Are these machines compatible with the C64? C128? Amiga? Atari-ST? IBM-PC?

  • No! This is not a MEGA65, a Vampire, or an Ultimate64. We already have those platforms. This is something new and different!

Is there an emulator?

Is the hardware "Open Source"?

  • The schematics are available for download from the Discord. The FPGA code is presently closed-source to keep the platform from becoming fragmented.

Are there any programming tutorials for the Foenix?

Happy hacking!