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Welcome to the world of Foenix Retro Computers!

Welcome to the Foenix Project! Here you will find a series of brand new computers lovingly made by Stefany Allaire in the style of the early 8, 16, and 32 bit machines of lore! This is your chance to be a participant in the development of a new platform -- to start with a brand new machine akin to a high-end Atari or Amiga, write its very first programs, see what it can do, push its limits, and experience something new! Models are available for 65C02, 6809, 65816, 68000, and 68040 CPUs.


Are these FPGA Retros like the MiSTer?

  • No! These machines are the real thing. You'll be running on a real 65c02, 65816, 68000, or 68040! The 6Mhz 6809 is an FPGA, but it's packaged as a standard 40pin DIP for use in the 65c02/65816 socket on the F256.

Are these machines compatible with the C64? C128? Amiga? Atari-ST? IBM-PC?

  • No! This is not a MEGA65, a Vampire, or an Ultimate64. We already have those platforms. This is something new and different!

Are there emulators?

  • Yes! See the various platform specific wikis above.

Is the hardware "Open Source"?

  • The schematics for many models are available for download from
  • The FPGA code is presently closed-source to keep the platforms from becoming fragmented.

Are there any programming tutorials?

  • See the various platform specific wikis above.

Happy hacking!