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Technical Documentation

65816 CPU
bq4802ly RTC
GABE System / IO / Timers / Sound Chip Controller / Math Co-Processor
LPC47M10x SuperIO - Analog inputs, MIDI, EPP, PS2, Serial, Floppy (FMX)
SN76489 PSG Audio
YM2151 Yamaha OPM1 - FM Operator Type I (FMX)
YM2612 Yamaha OPN2 - FM Operator Type II (FMX)
YMF262 Yamaha OPL3 - FM Operator Type III
WM8776 24-bit 192kHz Stereo CODEC
VICKY II Graphics Engine
Unity IDE Hard-disk control
Trinity Joystick and DIP switches
LAN9221 10/100 Ethernet