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The F256 Jr is a 65C02 based system which includes the following features:

  • 512K of Shared System & Video RAM (256k on the Rev A)
  • 256k of flash
  • 256k of cartridge ram/rom
  • TinyVICKY Graphic Chip (CFP9599)
  • 1x Simple 3-wire UART (RS-232 Port, Feather ESP8266 wifi, or Feather MIDI)
  • 2x Atari Style Joystick Ports, 1x DB9 to interface to NES/SNES Adapter (For Rev B Only)
  • 1x IEC Port to interface to Commodore Drives
  • 2x Internal PSG Sound Chip
  • 2x External SID Sockets

Hardware Setup

Pinout Jr December 7th Trans.png

The PS2 mouse port may be wired to the keyboard port and then split out using a laptop PS2 splitter.

If your Jr. is booting to a blank screen with a dark purple border, be sure that the RAM/FLASH jumper is set to FLASH.


There are two kernels for the Jr.


The F256 Jr. ships with SuperBASIC: https://github.com/paulscottrobson/superbasic


  • There is a simple example DOS shell for the MicroKernel in the kernel/dos project: https://github.com/ghackwrench/F256_Jr_Kernel_DOS
  • It may also be found in the SuperBASIC project under source/releases: https://github.com/paulscottrobson/superbasic
  • SuperBASIC's install scripts install it by default. To access it, type "DOS" from BASIC.
  • To return to SuperBASIC, type "basic <enter>" from DOS.
  • To auto-boot into DOS instead of BASIC, install DOS in flash slot 1, and BASIC in slots 2,3,4.


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