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Foenix IDE

The Foenix IDE is a full-featured emulator and board manager tool written in C#. The bulk of the Foenix IDE is an emulator of the C256 Foenix which emulates several key systems of the C256 and allows for breakpoints in the code, examination of memory, and so on. The IDE can also connect to the physical C256 through the USB debug interface. It can use the interface to upload data from a BIN file, an Intel HEX file, or the IDE emulator's memory into the C256, download memory from the C256 into the emulator's memory to be examined through the IDE, or to reprogram the C256's flash memory. Although a GUI application by default, the IDE can be used as a command line tool. The IDE also includes a character set / font editor tool, allowing you to design your own characters to use in your C256 programs.

The source code for the IDE as well as the latest binary may be found at: https://github.com/Trinity-11/FoenixIDE.


  • Foenix IDE's emulator portion is, at present, dependent on the way the stock kernel sets up the zero page.
  • The Foenix hardware is now somewhat ahead of the Foenix IDE's emulator.